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Provide "Best in Class" turn key and customized administrative solutions for our Clients. 


What we do best

We have invested several years working with Behavioral and Addiction Counseling Professionals to develop BEACON (BEhavioral and Addiction Counseling Operational Network).  BEACON is a software application that provides a network of solutions to meet the wide range of administrative tasks that are required by our Clients to operate their business.


BEACON is the most comprehensive product available that adequately supports the administrative and business management tasks associated with Behavioral and Addiction Counseling for groups and individuals. We have also incorporated the capability to report and interface this type of counseling with government and private Agencies that sponsor and/or monitor the client’s progress.


From the original design and development of BEACON version 1 several years ago, we continue to listen to and work with our Clients to enhance our product to make the administration of their work more accurate and efficient. 


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