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Real Life Case Studies
One of our Client's Office Manager was working full time managing a case load of approximately 100 Clients. After fully implementing BEACON she is now spending half her time facilitating new classes and the other half managing the Client caseload that has now grown to over 300 Clients! At first glance this seems to be a 6-fold increase in efficiency but there is more. Before BEACON, just keeping up with Enrollments, Dismissals, Transactions, Progress Reports and other tasks was all they could do. Now they run numerous reports, send out Bills, generate receipts and much more to manage their business like never before. Now she is doing much more in half the time managing three times the Clients with a substantial increase in their Programís quality. Now that is a success story!

Cost Model (see hyperlink at bottom to open model)
Before implementing BEACON, most of our Clients state that they spend about 30 minutes per month per Client on administrative duties. In some cases this is as high as 1.5 hours per month per Client (Programs vary in the paperwork required). They also state that they are paying $12 to $15 per hour (fully burdened) for administrative labor.

This calculates to $6 to $15 per month per Client for administration. As a mid point for our calculations we will use an average of $10 per month per Client for the cost of administration.

Although the range of time spent on administration for each Client varied from 30 minutes to over 1 hour prior to implementing BEACON, the time spent after implementing BEACON is fairly flat at about 7 minutes per month per Client (vs 30 before) or 8.6 Clients per hour (vs 2 before). Using $12 to $15 per hour for labor, the cost of administration after implementing BEACON is now $1.40 to $1.75 per month per Client.

As you can see the cost reduction is dramatic! Administrative costs dropped from $10 per month per Client to about $1.50 per month per Client.

If you have a small Client base and do all the labor yourself then you are more inclined to be looking for a way to become more efficient so that you may allocate any time saved to other areas of your business. In this case, instead of spending 30 minutes per month per Client you now spend 7 minutes per month per Client. With a small Client base of 50 the time saved is about 20 hours per month! Thatís an extra half-week per month to spend growing or improving the quality of your business, more time with the family or playing golf. With a Client base of 300 the cost savings are over $2,500! At the rate of an extra labor week per month for every 100 Clients this represents a savings of 3 weeks per month or over $2,500.

Although this model addresses direct costs, we have not mentioned the cost of errors made doing this work manually. The accuracy gained by using BEACON not only removes this factor but also adds a level of confidence that was previously not there. Letting BEACON do all the calculations, tracking and compiling goes a long way in reducing the stress of administrating your programs for you and your staff. This is an area that I'm not sure we can truly assign a cost since it tends to fit better in the ďQuality of LifeĒ category.

Summary: For every 100 Clients a gain of one workweek per month is recognized using BEACON or about $850 at $10 per month per Client.

What are you going to do with all that time and money?

A product with BEACONís features for other type of businesses typically costs several thousand dollars or much more. Many have hidden costs for service, updates, add-on modules, number of users and the list goes on. This is hardly affordable for many Providers.

To help everyone benefit from BEACONís capabilities we offer Purchase and Lease arrangements. Minimum Lease terms are for quarterly periods. Leasing vs Purchasing keeps the price affordable and allows those using this option to recognize the return on their investment almost immediately.

BEACONís lease rate and Purchase Price is based on the number of Active Clients. Period. We donít care how many users you have or how many PCís you install our software on. Updates are FREE during the term of the Lease and for one year from the data of Purchase. If you distributed the monthly lease cost to your active Client base, the average lease price per month per Client would be about 50 cents! If your Clients attend one session per week, you could increase their fee by about 10 cents per session to completely pay the lease cost while cutting your Administrative costs by as much as 85%! Our Clients tell us that BEACON isnít an expense, its a money making machine! We couldnít agree more.

Please give us a call at our toll free number to get a quote for your program.

We're certain that there is nothing you can purchase on the market today that will give you the return on your investment that BEACON does. Can you think of any tools you can deploy immediately for $.50 per month per Client that will reduce you administrative labor from $10 per month per Client to about $1.50 per month per Client and give you precision accuracy as well? We donít think you could find anything at 20 times the cost of BEACON to give you the same results. Our Clients tell us that they havenít seen anything on the market today at any price that even comes close. The customer is always right!

Excel Model used in our studies