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Click here to download the latest (3.01.24df on 12/11/2014)  BEACON 3 Software version.  NOTE:  Check your database revision to ensure compatibility.

Current users must have database version 3.1.24 to use the above download or errors will result when trying to open and operate BEACON.  Please call Technical Support to arrange a database upgrade if required.

If you are not an existing BEACON user but want to 'take BEACON for a spin', the software will automatically activate 'Evaluation' mode.  For existing BEACON customers, your 'Keys Authorization' file automatically deactivates the 'Evaluation Mode'.  This file is approximately 36 Mb and typically takes around 4 minutes to download with standard DSL.

Training Tutorial Videos

If you want to see more detailed information on each of the particular sections and how specific features actually work, click on one of the following links to run the avi video tutorials.

Our videos have an embedded video player so don't run within Internet Explorer if prompted; click 'No' when asked to run in Internet Explorer

Note that some of these files are much too large to play with a dial up 55k modem.  With standard DSL you should be able to download even the largest of these files in well under 2 minutes.

BEACON Demo Introduction Video
Absence & Violations Designing Client ID's Setting Available Time Schedules
Client Billing Appending Dates of classes Creating Classes
Edit a Class Moving Clients from Class to Class Class Topic Editor
The Master Client List Client Event Scheduling Creating Classes

Drug Testing Part 1

Drug Testing Part 2

Drug Testing Part 3

Enrolling New Clients Custom Event Report Generator
File Utilities Getting Started Generating Income Reports
Setting Up Intake Evaluation Forms Miscellaneous Report Generation Clients Pending Enrollment
Program Completion and Suspension Progress Reports Client Group Process Notes
Return On Your Investment Class Daily Roster Administration Scanning Forms
Scheduler Beacon Security Features Transaction Reports
Transaction By Classes Transaction By Clients Transactions By Detail
Class Transaction Receipts Victim Contact Log Last release of BEACON 2 (2.1.0u)
Controlled release of BEACON 3 with Voucher Management Capabilities.  Updated 09/26/2012.  Requires database 3.01.25  BEACON 3.01.25ac