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What kind of hardware and software do I need to run Beacon?

Just about any PC you purchased in the last 2 or 3 years will adequately run BEACON.  The demands of Windows 2000, XP or Vista far exceeds the demands of BEACON.   Your monitor must be capable of 1024x768 resolution. The colors will be much clearer and text sharper if the monitorís video card can display more than 256 colors.

If you want to network you will need a NIC card and yes, BEACON is multi-user (more than one PC linked via a Network with each PC accessing the same database)

BEACON is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Windows 2000, XP and Vista. We don't recommend (as do many other applications) Windows ME. We currently only recommend Windows 2000 or XP Pro. 

We send updates and perform database upgrades via internet Email, Terminal Services,  FTP or Remote Access in a matter of minutes.

Do you have evaluation versions of BEACON?

Better. We have fully operational evaluation program with a 7 day timer that you can download from our Downloads page. Any information you may enter during this time is not lost. You simply start the lease (or purchase) and we provide the password to continue operating the program. You can use this period to begin building your database.

We have 3 PCs on a Network Can all three users access the database at the same time?

Yes, up to 25 simultaneous users can access the database via your LAN. BEACON also allows each user to connect to any database via a traditional windows browser so users are not locked into just one database.

Is BEACON written in Microsoft Access?

No. BEACON is written in Visual Basic. Its a stand alone, multi-user, multi-tasking program and not hosted in any of the Microsoft Office Products. If you want to export data to Microsoft Excel you will of course need Microsoft Excel. All other reports and printouts are self-contained within BEACON.

How do you provide Training ?

We can provide on-site, remote access and 'over the telephone' training.  All you need is a PC and an internet connection.  You can also use the video tutorials found on our Downloads page.  The most cost effective and efficient method of training is Remote access ... all you need is an internet connection.  This method allows us to access your PC so you can watch us open the forms and demonstrate how to use the various features.  This technique also allows us to watch the user to ensure the learning process has been successful.  On site training is provided for an additional fee.  The videos are a big hit since the user is able to see exactly how to perform tasks by watching us. The audio with the videos also provide tips and other information about the task.

What is your shortest Lease period?

Three Months. We also offer other leases in three months increments.

Do I have to pay extra for additional users or locations?

No. You can operate BEACON on any of your direct organizations PCs in multiple locations at no additional charge.

Will I have to purchase a service contract or subscribe to get updates and patches?

All updates and patches are included in the Lease and provided for the first year for purchases.

I am currently close to 150 clients. How easily can I upgrade to the next level when I go over this number?

We simply send you an Email with a file attachment that you install. We also modify lease terms in this manner.

I run a Drug and Alcohol, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse and Parenting Program among others. How easily can I use Beacon to run all of them?

BEACON was developed from the beginning to run multiple Programs from the same database. This allows quick and seamless changing between Programs. It also allows you to view all your Financials and other Reports by individual Program or as a total business.