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If your business provides Group Counseling Services combined with individual counseling for 30 or more Clients, our software application can help you improve access to and increase accuracy of your data, improve labor efficiency, reduce your paperwork and much more........ 


Do you know how much time you spend on paperwork for each of your clients? How much more time would you have if you could reduce the paperwork by 75%, or just 50% and guarantee accuracy? How would these savings affect your bottom line?


If you don't have a product that integrates all of your administrative tasks into one simple solution and/or you're manually retrieving files from a filing cabinet, you have an opportunity to reduce your costs by implementing BEACON into your organization.


Some of our Clients have reduced their administrative labor cost per client from $10 to $1.50 per month while improving quality and accuracy many times over. The cost to achieve such savings..... about 50 cents per month per client!


Our Clients have told us that there is nothing they can do for their business that comes close to matching that rate of return on investment! See our Cost Analysis page for more information and access to our cost model. If you have MS Excel you can run the cost model from our web site or download it to size your savings opportunity regardless of the system(s) you are currently using.


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