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TSS offers a Purchase and a Lease plan for BEACON.  Both plans incorporate pricing tiers based on the number of active clients and we have no hidden setup charges.  Software updates are always at no charge for both plans and are posted on this website on the Downloads page.  Technical Support and on line, interactive Training is included with the Lease and for 1 year with Purchases.

Lease prices start as low as $70 per month and many of our clients are paying only 50 cents per month per client to use BEACON!

Only active clients are counted to determine the pricing tier.  Completed, Dismissed and Transferred clients are considered inactive and are still accessible in the database.  When a Dismissed client is reinstated they then become active.  Clients may also be set inactive manually.

Clients are counted only once even though they may be enrolled in multiple programs (i.e., Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Parenting) concurrently.

Please call or send us an email to find out how affordable BEACON truly is.