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Project Equality

“Your service is excellent and your patience is infinite. It is this combination of a great product and attentive customer service that makes you a unique bargain in today’s market.”


Alternatives Professional Counseling

The program is logical and staff has been able to utilize the program assets with a minimum of training.... The support for the product by Trinity Software has been outstanding.

The leasing agreement that Trinity Software offers allows for this agency to have cutting edge client management software and avoid the tremendous cost of having a program developed for thousands of agency dollars.


Insights Educational and Treatment Services, Inc.

"The bottom line is that Beacon has been one of the best ways to affect my bottom line. It has saved me thousands of dollars in administrative costs and made me thousands of dollars in supporting my efforts to collect for services rendered.”


Cedarwood Counseling

“Beacon produces a report that will provide the proper agencies with all the necessary information in a professional format, which reflects the utmost professionalism of our agency.”


TCS Adolescent DUI Program

 “I am much more pleased with the software than I ever thought possible.”


Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Center

 “Whenever I have had any questions, concerns, or tech support in regards to the software, you both have been readily available with positive attitudes.”


Friendship of Women, Inc.

 “In my opinion, BEACON is a five star program”


Solutions Plus

With all pertinent information in one database, end-of-the-month reports are a breeze to prepare .… just press the button & print.