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Smart businesses know that it is far more cost effective to retain customers than to obtain new customers. That's why many successful companies turn to us for their customer development software.  Our unique customized software solutions bring value to your business at a marginal cost.


Contact CEO is a unique, user friendly and inexpensive software application similar to a Customer Relationship Management or CRM Program.  It allows tracking and management of organization and contact communication and associated events.


Contact CEO allows you to enter organization and contact profile information and cross link this data.  The contact profile incorporates dual address sections and user defined custom fields are available for both the contact and organization.  Even the dual address section titles allow customization.  For example, instead of a work tab, you may want to have the tab read Home Office for a particular contact. All customization fields can be set differently for each individual contact or organization.


Link contact to organizations and from the Organization screen, display contacts within the organization.  Double click on the organization member record to open the members profile.


Contact grouping allows custom configuration of multiple phone books and the ability to display them individually or collectively.  Within each Group you may further identify contacts by status categories that you define.  As with groups, status categories may be displayed individually or collectively.


For example you may want to keep a phone book group for potential Sales Contacts, one for suppliers and another for internal staff members.  Within each group the user can further categorize contacts such as active and inactive.  The result is that you can view all phonebooks and Contacts status or any combination thereof with the click of your mouse.


The user can log a communication event for each Contact with the option of defining all communication types.  This feature allows you to quickly review the communication history while on the phone or during a meeting with a contact.  You can even query communication types for all contacts and filter them by date.  Note that we use the term communication since the log is not limited to phone calls.  This feature is great for documenting meeting discussions or any type of communication


Of course an event task manager is also included.  The user enters the task along with the date due, the event action and subsequent results.  All events may be displayed or for an individual contact with status and time filters.  Note that when the contacts profile is displayed, in process tasks are also displayed for quick reference.


Database queries are incorporated with associated printouts that allows the user to custom define fields to print for any or all Contacts.  For example select a contact name and address fields, export this data to Excel to print labels or perform a mail merge in Word.  A through training tutorial is included to demonstrate how to perform this task as well as all features of Contact CEO.


We have also incorporated a multi user feature that allows sharing of the same database within your organization.  This is particularly powerful since all staff members have access to not only a contacts profile but all communication with the contact and associated tasks.


We’ve taken a look at many of the CRM and Task management applications on the market and although many are very through, they are either quite expensive or much too complicated.  As a result, we developed Contact CEO for Trinity Software Solutions and we think you may find it is much easier to learn, more affordable and gets the job done.  In fact, when you or any of our Contacts call us, we are using Contact CEO to track our communication and associated tasks.


For more detailed instruction on Contact CEOs features, see our accompanying training tutorials and be sure to check back often for new upcoming features such as contact email and document management.